IMEA Renewable Generation

Electricity keeps our communities and businesses thriving. IMEA efforts to combat climate change create many opportunities through innovative and transformative solutions. IMEA believes that our nation’s power grid requires a combination of many types of generation sources to ensure reliability.  Renewable resources play an increasingly important role in supplying our customers with the reliable and sustainable power supply we all depend on.

Overall, IMEA is transitioning our generation to a cleaner, more diverse portfolio in a responsible fashion while ensuring reliable supply and providing stable costs to our members.

IMEA has taken strides towards transforming our electricity portfolio with current renewable projects totaling 125 megawatts of aggregate solar and wind capacity at the end of 2022.  IMEA also has 10 megawatts of Member operated carbon free capacity hydro.

Below you can see the REAL-TIME OUTPUT of our carbon free generation AS IT HAPPENS.  Wind, sun, weather and time of day impact the amount of power generated in the moment. 

Enjoy seeing how we are harnessing the power of the sun and wind, and water on a minute by minute basis!


Solar (MWs)
5 MW Max


Wind (MWs)
120 MW Max


Hydro (MWs)
9.6 MW Max


Total (MWs)
134.6 MW Max